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The ever-evolving world of technology is commonly built with convenience in mind rather than security. NonaSec is ready to ensure you get the best of both worlds, without the hassle.
What We Do

Managed Security Services & Cyber Advisory

The rate of cyber attacks around the globe are increasing year over year. Meanwhile, “silver bullet” solutions are sold to executives at exorbitant costs without providing real security.

Not every business or industry vertical has the same requirements or acknowledgement of risk. At NonaSec, our threat-focused, human-first approach allows us to tailor unique solutions to your business security needs. 


Understanding what already exists to illuminate critical gaps


Making sense of gaps in controls, configurations, policies, and data


Helping you find the answers to your security questions and define next steps

Our Services

Protect Your Business From Unauthorized Access Phishing Attacks Ransomware Data Theft Email Compromise Insider Threat

Our wide range of offerings is focused on ensuring your business has comprehensive documentation, secure technologies, and educated users.

PHI Protect Platform

Support your users with managed training modules, phishing simulations, dark web monitoring, and policy management.

Penetration Testing

Assess your current security configuration against modern threats focused for your technical stack and industry vertical.

Vulnerability Management

From one-time vulnerability scans to continuous trend analysis, NonaSec can help you find gaps before the adversary does.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Gain insights into your business's Internet-facing cyber threat landscape through the lens of an adversary.

Dark Web Monitoring

Don't let the adversary take advantage of your leaked data before you get a chance to mitigate risk. NonaSec's monthly dark web mailer can keep you a step ahead.

Security Consulting

Put our cybersecurity advisory expertise on your team to support your business objectives in a secure manner.

Partners in technology
"Chris — from NonaSec — has been a tremendous help with HIPAA compliance for my new business. He simplifies complex rules, customizes plans to fit our schedule, and stays current with regulations. I’m delighted to work with him and recommend NonaSec to fellow business owners looking for worry-free HIPAA compliant solutions."
Dr. Johnny Gonzalez
Orthodontist, Jet Boutique Orthodonticts
"Chris came out to our PTSA general meeting to talk Internet safety and security and was absolutely amazing! As a non tech savvy person, I loved that his presentation was very accessible to me. It certainly made me rethink some choices I have made when it comes to passwords. He was personable, knowledgeable and really took the time to not only present but also answer questions and have a discussion with our families that came to the event."
Lauren Curlew
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